Are there any fees?

Fees and charges may be applied when you pay into your account, on the purchases you make with your card and on ATM withdrawals. Full details of these and any other charges are clearly listed on our website. You can view these by Clicking here  

Please note that you can also pay for a Pockit MasterCard by SMS - costs £1 as mobile companies only work in whole pounds. As Pockit MasterCards are usually 99p, we will donate the extra penny to charity. 

Also, note that some ATMs may apply a surcharge so please ensure you check with the ATM provider before making a withdrawal. 

What's FREE  
Account number & sort code  FREE 
Card purchases in-store  FREE 
Card purchases online  FREE 
Paying in wages & benefits  FREE 
Paying in by bank transfer  FREE 
The Pockit app  FREE 


What's 99p   
Your contactless Pockit MasterCard  99p 
Paying in with cash  99p 
Paying in by debit card*  99p 
UK national and international transfers  99p 
Quarterly maintenance fee  99p 
UK ATM withdrawals**  99p 


International fees   
International ATM Fee  £2.25 
Foreign Exchange Fee   4% 


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