What is Pockit?

Pockit is a banking app, that comes with a contactless MasterCard.

It’s like a current account, but with no overdraft!

Pockit is not a “credit” card. It is a prepaid banking solution. You only spend what you have in your account, so you have full control over your spending, and peace of mind. Just deposit funds, and shop online, or tap-and-pay anywhere you see the MasterCard acceptance mark.

You get your own account number and sort code – you can give these to your employer to receive your salary (or benefits) into Pockit. You can also deposit money by debit card, or by cash, at any Paypoint store across the UK.

When you log in to pockit.com or the Pockit app, you can also send money to others with 1 click! You can send money to friends & family in the UK, or in over 20 other countries, in under 48 hours.

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